Operation Access (OA)
Provides diagnosis, free evaluation, and surgical operations for the uninsured and low income. Medical procedures are performed by volunteer doctors and medical staff at participating hospitals. (415) 733-0052

Charities providing health care

American Veterans Relief Foundation - Aids military veterans and their family members when they are burdened with mounting medical bills and debts. 800-215-6782

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation - This non-profit organization provides financial assistance and cash grants to people who need assistance with paying hospital and medical bills. A focus is on helping people that are hit with expenses that result from a cancer diagnosis.

CaringBridge - This charity provides information and free websites that connect family, patients and friends so that they can share information, support, and love during a serious health event or medical condition.
Catholic Charities - They will offer medical bill assistance to those in need of help with health care bills throughout the United States. This charitable organization works closely with the Providence Healthcare Network to provide assistance and services.
Children’s Health Fund (CHF) - This charity is committed to providing free health care to America’s most medically under served children as well as their families. It will provide medical care, help with medical costs, and essential services to children and families in need of aid, regardless of their ability to pay. (212) 535-9400
Dental Care - Assistance is coordinated by a national non-profit organization, and free dental programs are provided by thousands of dentists as part of the Dental Lifeline Network and other charities.
Eyeglasses and exams - Find a listing of several non-profits and charities that provide either free or low cost eye exams and prescription glasses. Some agencies will even provide contact lenses.

Free Prescription Medications - There are several programs that offer discounted and free prescription medications. They include Dispensary of Hope, Together RX Access, NeedyMeds, and Patient Advocate Foundation.

Free Diapers For Kids - The Diaper Bank (TDB) is a recently formed charity that provides and distributes free diapers to lower income families through existing service providers, including daycare centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, social service agencies, shelters and more. They provide free diapers through its extensive Diaper Distribution Network (DDN) of dozens of agencies and charities. 203-934-7009

Free Medical Camps - This charity organization doesn't assist with paying past medical bills, but the organization does provide new and continuing health care for those who meet the income guidelines of this program.

Funeral expenses - Learn how to save money on burial and funeral costs. A non-profit organization known as Funeral Memorial Society of America can provide information on how to save money on caskets, burials, and other funeral bills. Most states also have other organizations that can help the low income and indigent. More on help with funeral costs.
HealthWell Foundation - This is a charitable assistance organization that helps people pay for prescription medications. This group provides financial assistance and grants to help patients to pay for various out-of-pocket health care expenses including health insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and a wide variety of other costs. More.
Life Beyond Cancer - This non-profit foundation will help cancer patients with paying for their everyday living expenses. Grants and financial assistance is available for expenses including mortgage, monthly rent payments, food, car payments, and utility bills for cancer patients who are in active treatment. Click here to learn more.
Medi-Corp Health System - This group provides and assists with charity care, payment scheduling and they can also negotiate and provide medical bill discounts for those in need of assistance. If you plan on receiving care from this charitable program, you need to get approval in advance of your scheduled medical treatment. In addition, Medi-Corp also offers a discount program that enables lower bills and costs for the both the underinsured and uninsured. Medical bill discounts are provided on a sliding scale, and those discounts will typically cover between 20 to 60 percent of the health care costs.
Mission of Mercy, Inc. - Offers free healthcare, including prescription medications, dental care, x-rays and lab tests, to both the uninsured and under insured using volunteer healthcare professionals that operate from a mobile medical clinic. (717) 642-9062
Modest Needs - A charitable organization that helps with securing a variety of grants, including funds for medical bill assistance. Cash grants and funds provided can be used to aid qualifying individuals. Some of what can be provided includes self-sufficiency grants, back to work funding, independent living grants and more.
Patient Access Network - This non-profit organization may be able to help the uninsured pay for medical and hospital bills. They have provided tens of millions of dollars in financial assistance over the years. Read more.
Patient Advocate Foundation - This is a national non-profit charity organization that seeks to help safeguard and protect patients through effective mediation and assuring access to health care. Receive referrals to resources that can help with medical bills and debts, preservation of patient financial stability, and maintenance of employment in regards to their diagnosis of debilitating or life threatening diseases. More on the Patient Advocate Foundation.
Patient Services Inc. - May be able to provide assistance for paying medical bills, insurance premiums, and other financial aid for the chronically ill, low income and uninsured patients. Click here for more information.
Shepherd's Hope, Inc. - Free medical care is provided for lower income, uninsured families using an all-volunteer healthcare staff and services. Many doctors, nurses and professionals donate their time and services. (407) 876-6699
Smiles Across America, Inc. - This organization provides preventive dental care to uninsured and lower income children in school-based settings. Some of the dental services provided include cleaning, education, sealants and fluoride treatments. (312) 836-9900
UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation - The UHCCF organization provides medical cash grants of up to $5,000 to children's families. The money is used to help families in need pay for non-covered medical services, bills and expenses from their commercial health benefit plan. (952) 992-4459

Health care financial assistance

Health care financial assistance