Homeowner Assistance Program

Allows a once-a-year payment from the State of California to eligible individuals. The maximum amount of assistance that a homeowner in California may receive is $472.60. Applicants must be 62 years of age or older, disabled, blind, and also meet income thresholds in order to receive any help. 800.338.0505

Renter Assistance Program

Program for renters provides one payment or grant per year from the State of California to qualified families and individuals. The maximum amount of help that a claimant may receive is $347.50. Applicants must be 62 years of age or older, blind, or disabled and also meet income thresholds in order to receive any help.

California Homebuyer's Downpayment Assistance Program (CHDAP)

This program offers low interest rate first mortgage programs and also a variety of down payment assistance programs to eligible first-time home buyers. 877.922.5432

Homeless Prevention and Rehousing Services

Federal government grants from HUD are used by local communities as part of the Continuum of Care program. Assistance may be offered to stop evictions. Other resources include transitional housing, one time rent help, or funds to pay security deposits. Read more California eviction prevention services.

Vouchers for Paying Rent

Very low income families may qualify for section 8 housing vouchers. Additional support may be for the disabled and elderly in California. The federal government HUD program can offer case management and ongoing rental assistance to those that qualify.



- The charity will put single mothers in contact with other moms so that they can share on housing expenses. This allows both parties to share on paying the monthly rent and/or mortgage payments, utilities, and other basic needs. Learn more.

Financial assistance for parents

- Several charities and non-profit agencies offer housing and rent assistance, with a focus on single moms. The groups don’t want the child to be homeless, so the parents are supported. However others can also benefit.


- This is an exchange type program. A homeowner will offer accommodations in exchange for sharing a portion of the monthly rent. Or the homeowner or apartment owner may charge no rent if the person looking for a home offers support services such as shopping, caring for pets, or household tasks.

Interfaith Hospitality Network, or Family Promise

- This charity is made up of churches, volunteers and congregations. They offer temporary housing facilities, food, clothing, job placement, and other services to the homeless. The nationwide, charity organization is focused on both preventing and reversing homelessness. More on Family Promise and Interfaith Hospitality.

Mercy Housing

- The charity operates housing in most states. The apartments and units are for low income families or individuals. There are also a number of homes dedicated to senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, or single moms and parents. This is one of the nation’s leading faith based charities when it comes to providing affordable housing and case management services. Find more details.

National Church Residences

- The charity operates in most states. What they provide is either supportive or permanent housing to individuals and families. They do focus on senior citizens and the elderly, but low income apartments may also be available for any formerly homeless individuals, single parents or moms, and the disabled. Clients of National Church charity organization also gain self-sufficiency, job placement, financial management and other support.

National Coalition for the Homeless (NHC)

- The non-profit is made up on charities and other groups that offer information on housing assistance. Individuals facing eviction as well as the homeless can learn about shelter, short term housing, and emergency grant programs. NHC and its partners work to keep people safely housing. Read National Coalition for the Homeless.

Mortgage and housing counseling

Non-profit organizations have helped thousands of families who are behind on their mortgage. It is free to request info and support from these locations. Homeowners will be put in touch with HUD certified housing counselors. You will explore programs such as loan modifications, mediation, refinancing, and other foreclosure prevention solutions. Read more HUD foreclosure counseling.

Free Home Repairs

- In addition to receiving mortgage assistance from non-profit organizations per above, there are also numerous programs offered by charities, churches and other non-profit agencies that will either provide direct cash grants or very low interest loans that will pay for home repairs.

  • Housing Aid

    The Salvation Army (510-437-9437) and Everyone Home will be distributing funds in Alameda county. The goal is to make it easy for families to obtain the rent money, and keep people in their homes.

  • Homeless Project

    The Oakland Homeless Project helps the very low income and homeless. The non-profit may have eviction prevention services, hotel/motel vouchers, rental assistance, and also shelter or transitional housing. The location is 1820 Jefferson St Oakland, CA 94704. Main number is (510) 465-0881.

  • Rental Assistance

    First and/or last months rent assistance may be provided by the city of Oakland in partnership with agencies such as Echo. It was created to help families that have fallen behind in their rental payments or who need money for paying a security deposit. The city has information on other organizations that can assist with rent or that can provide a loan for bills. Some partners are Project Outreach (510.382.1360), Health Care for the Homeless (510-533.4663) and also housing from Salvation Army of Alameda (510.437.9437).

  • Rental and housing assistance

    The City of Fremont has partnered with the ECHO Housing ((510) 836-4826), which is a non-profit agency, to operate the Rental Assistance Program (RAP). This program will assist low and moderate-income individuals and families with paying for delinquent rent, security deposits, or move-in costs.
    Fremont City runs the Housing Scholarship Program. For those that qualify and that are part of a vocational job-training programs, they may be able to qualify for rent and other support. Case managers work with clients on self-sufficiency and offer referrals as well to Alameda County agencies and charities. 510-494-4511.

Foreclosure advice and counseling

The Alameda County and Oakland Catholic Charities runs their own foreclosure prevention programs, and can also refer people to other non-profit agencies, government programs, and other resources. They provide one-on-one foreclosure counseling for those homeowners that are facing foreclosure or other mortgage default problems, and various form of assistance is provided to borrowers. Call (925) 825-3099

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